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Tights T-band 20 DEN Lycra Puntina - black dots

Tights T-band 20 DEN Lycra Puntina - black dots

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The Puntina 20 den polka dot tights is a bestseller under the patterned tights by Avanna.

size 2-S 3 sts 4-L
Height 158-164 164-170 170-176
hip circumference (cm) 88-96 96-100 100-104

They decorate the legs with small dots on the background of thin knitwear. The dotted tights inspire all stylish women and fashionistas.

✔ Patterned tights with dots

✔ 20 den tights

✔ Black dotted tights as a trendy addition to any outfit

The Puntina 20 denier polka dot tights are a real eye-catcher and the highlight of every look . An elegant cut without a separate panty part, a small cotton gusset and a flat seam ensure excellent wearing comfort. Thin tights are almost transparent. Invisible reinforcements on the toes make these fashionable polka dot tights more resistant to runs.

The stretch fabric hugs your legs and emphasizes their slim shape. The 20 denier thick tights Puntina with polka dots wraps your legs in a delicate mist of elegant knitwear that catches the eye with its trendy pattern.

Brand: Gabrielle

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