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Sample tights check pattern Nessa 60 DEN - melange

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Patterned Nessa tights adorn the legs with an expressive colored check in two variants: navy blue and canary yellow. The fashionable pattern of the 60 DEN women's tights catches the eye and is the strongest side of every outfit on cold days.

 patterned women's tights

 60 DEN

 plaid tights

Gabriella's Nessa tights go perfectly with outfits on cold days and stand out on every occasion. Transparent panties, invisible toes, flat seams and a small cotton gusset ensure all-round comfort and maximum comfort .

The patterned Nessa tights are made of elastic yarns double braided with polyamide silk in 3D knitting technology. The yarns used in this model feel velvety soft and comfortable thanks to their delicate, dense structure and make the checked women's tights robust and tear -resistant at the same time . Fashionable tights are available in two color variants in navy blue (melange) tights and on canary yellow.

84% polyamide, 14% elastane, 1% cotton

size 2-S 3 sts 4-L
Height 158-164 164-170 170-176
hip circumference (cm) 88-96 96-100 100-104

Brand: Gabrielle