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Plain tights - a very fashionable version of the classic

Plain tights are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe, regardless of style. On warm days and on special occasions, the tights with their 20 denier look are the undisputed bestseller in the Avanna Shop. Black sheer 20 denier tights are the choice of many customers, but in addition to sheer black tights, they often opt for models with a nude look. If you choose the perfect nude look for yourself, the tights lie on your leg like a second skin and look like a perfectly balanced powder or a concealer that conceals small skin imperfections. The durable and innovative model Qualita with anti-running guarantee is also one of the bestsellers. For women who expect a natural effect, we also recommend matte classic tights. Plain tights are also available in the Now! collection . This is the world's first tights made from 100% recycled yarns - an innovation from the Gabriella brand on a global scale. These are three models of smooth tights: black 20 denier and 60 denier tights, and classic, warm 100 denier tights.

Sheer tights or thick tights, what does denier actually mean?

The term "thin pantyhose" is usually used to describe the lowest denier models. So there are 5 DEN tights, 8 DEN tights, 10 DEN tights, 15 DEN tights to 20 DEN tights, the first ones are sheer, almost invisible on the leg, and the last ones encase the legs with clear mesh fabric. The higher the denim value, the thicker the tights. The bestseller in the Avanna Shop are microfiber tights, i.e. simple, warm tights that skilfully show off your legs. These are, of course, black tights from 40 denier, but also simple tights in several intense colors. On cold days, ladies often choose thick black tights. Black bulky tights are a winter classic, but we also have colorful tights and patterned bulky tights that are not only warm but also give expressive style. With Avanna's wide range, every woman will find the best tights, regardless of the size she wears (we also have a huge selection of plus size tights ).

Patterned tights and fishnet tights

If you keep up with the trends, you will surely love our fashion patterned tights . In the Avanna Shop we have more designs than you would expect! Not only classic black tights, tights in a nude look, but also colorful tights serve as a background for our patterns. One of the trendiest models are tights with modern polka dots, like Puntina, Giny, Eva, Nova, Joy and many other tights with dots. Patterns inspired by nature with botanical motifs of flowers or leaves on black and colored backgrounds are also bestsellers. Geometry lovers are sure to find plenty of striped tights (models: Maya, Emma and other sheer and thick patterned tights in this design) in their shopping basket at Avanna. Expressive stars, minimalistic decorative details, tights in an overknee look or in a suspender look attract everyone's attention! Gabriella Shop also offers patterned tights for brides-to-be - white wedding tights with patterns from the In Love collection are perfect for that special day. Shimmering tights breathe life into every look for every special occasion and become a cool highlight. You can also find wet tights in the Avanna shop in various models, tights with a hole pattern, which differ not only in the mesh size, are the best tights for fashionistas. You will surely find the most beautiful patterned tights and fishnet tights for yourself in our tights shop!

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